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Indoor Sand Ring

New in January 2022, we have completely replaced our indoor footing. After extensive research and consultation, we carefully selected contaminate free sand and selected 2 additives that were shipped from California. Together, the blend of sand and additives provide the ideal training and jumping surface that:

  • virtually eliminates dust

  • softens the hoof's impact​

  • enhances stability and traction

  • reduces compaction

  • dramatically improves cushioning and energy return

  • supports tendon and joint health

Performance Footing - sonic welded and shredded foam

Trutex Footing - 70/30 blend of pre-cycled fibres and geotextiles

Outdoor Sand Ring

New in May 2022, we completely replaced our outdoor sand footing too !  Now we can spend more time riding outside despite the challenges of Calgary weather.  The Trutex Element fibre provides outstanding stability, support and traction. 

In addition to the complete replacement of both rings, we have taken the extra step of keeping additional footing on hand giving you the assurance that the riding surfaces can be refreshed and renewed as required.  This allows our clients and horses to have the "new footing" experience over the coming years.  

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